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  • B) Tuition in a Time of a Global Pandemic.

  • More and more emphasis is being put on the advantages of getting a good education. Children’s futures are being determined by their success at school. In order to achieve this success, children must be able to perform well in English and Maths.

    TIC Tuition in Campbelltown courses are especially designed to stop the frustration and confusion that may confront school children in these areas.

    Paul & Jenny Carter have been tutoring children at their Centre in Kearns since 1990. Their combined 70 plus years of teaching experience has qualified them to educate children in the essential literacy and numeracy skills - English, Reading, Comprehension, Spelling, Writing, Mathematics & Senior Mathematics. The Centre’s main priority area is with children in Years 2 to 10 (for English) and Years 2 to 12 (for Maths) We help those who have slipped behind as well as those who want to succeed at the higher levels.

    Paul & Jenny believe that any child who is a willing student can succeed. We know that success is built into every aspect of the TIC Tuition methods. It is this success that gives children confidence. This confidence provides for further achievement.  As a result, the original problem is well on the way to being solved!

    "If your child is experiencing problems at school, it is far better to seek professional help as early as possible, rather than let it compound over the years,” Paul said. "A problem left for too long will obviously require more time to correct,” he concluded.

    A free educational assessment is available. This identifies the student’s strengths and weaknesses. If tuition is required, an individualized program can be designed to cater for each student’s own needs.


    Don’t let 2021 be a repeat of previous years. Call Paul & Jenny Carter at TIC Tuition in Campbelltown on 9820 2935.


    Subjects we provide tutoring for are: English Tuition, Reading Tuition, Comprehension Tuition, Spelling Tuition, Writing Tuition, Mathematics Tuition and Senior Mathematics Tuition.


    Media enquiries to Paul or Jenny Carter on 9820 2935 or send us an enquiry by clicking on the "Contact Us Today" tab beside this article. We are proud to be members of the Australian Tutoring Association. The ATA is working towards creating and maintaining a national benchmark for educational tutoring services. This means that there will be greater accountability for tutors. As members of the ATA we agree to be bound by their Code of Conduct.