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    I don’t know what to write!  I don’t know how to start!

    At TIC Tuition in Campbelltown, parents often tell us that their children say this when a writing task is needed to be completed at home.

    Why teach writing?

    The main thing about writing is having something to say (the content), the way we say it (conventions of writing) and a purpose for it (the text types).

    So, what do we need to do when we write?

    We combine the content (an idea or message) and the conventions of writing (spelling, punctuation and grammar) with the appropriate text type. All writing is created for a particular audience and is written according to the appropriate text type.

    What do we do when we write?

    We have to concentrate on the task and purpose of the writing. We need to generate the ideas and put these ideas into a plan.

    We have to decide on the text type to use and stick to it. We must use the right words and put them into a logical order.

    We must pick up a pen (or sit at the computer) and actually do it! AND we must concentrate on the conventions of writing as we proceed.

    We must edit, proofread and revise what we have written so that the end product can then be published in the appropriate form.


  • We can help your Writing with the following:

    • Develop, understand & apply knowledge of language forms & features.
    • Respond to and compose texts.
    • Engage personally with texts.
    • Develop & apply contextual knowledge.
    • Engage personally with texts to a higher and more complex level.
    • Respond to and compose texts to a higher and more complex level.
    • Develop and apply contextual knowledge.
    • & More…
  • It is little wonder that writing is one of the last forms of communication to develop in children! Some children can find this process very difficult. Some may find it overwhelming. At TIC Tuition in Campbelltown we can teach students the strategies on how to get started in writing.

    If you would like to find out how we do this, you can call Paul and Jenny Carter at TIC Tuition in Campbelltown on 9820 2935. Alternately, you can contact us and we will call you to discuss your child’s needs. Other subjects we provide tutoring for are: English Tuition, Reading Tuition, Comprehension Tuition, Spelling Tuition, Mathematics Tuition and Senior Mathematics Tuition.

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    Since 1990, we have helped thousands of students achieve better grades in writing. As a result, this greater knowledge gives students further incentives to progress to higher levels with greater confidence.

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