• For a Free Assessment Contact Us on

    02 9820 2935 | info@tictuition.com.au

    • Do your Tutors come to our home?

      No. We use a vast range of teaching resources. It would be impossible to transport all of these to another venue. Normal households have multiple distractions which would lead to a lesser quality of tuition provided.

    • How do you screen your Tutors?

      Simple. We don't employ staff. There are 2 teachers involved. It has been this way for over 32 years now. Both of us are qualified teachers and we all have WWC clearances.

    • How much does your Tutoring cost?

      We are happy to discuss this with anyone who contacts us. There are 3 ways you can pay. Our fee is very reasonable.

    • Do you offer any package deals or discounts?

      If more than 1 child from your family attends our Centre, we offer a cheaper rate per child. If you are willing or able to pay a Month or Term in advance, a discount will be apply to the base fee.

    • How many hours of tutoring do most students need?

      How long is a piece of string?? We provide a free assessment before your child commences lessons with us. Success with tuition depends on a variety of simple reasons that we are happy to discuss with you at your free assessment.

    • Do you offer any guarantees for your services?

      No. The only promise we provide is that we will teach your child what we discussed at the initial free assessment. Tuition is an ongoing and evolving process that requires the support and encouragement of parents. It will change over time. It is our expectation that all students complete all follow up activities we set. We ask that all parents monitor this. If this does not happen, you are wasting your time and money.

    • How soon can the tutoring start?

      Simple. When you call us on 9820 2935, we can arrange a free assessment for your child. Once this is done, you can choose a time slot that suits you. Your child can commence immediately - subject to vacancies of course!