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  • Tutoring for Excellence: Professional Spelling Tutors in Campbelltown.

    Did you know that Spelling comprises at least 50% of every literacy task?

    Correct spelling is essential for clear and effective communication of the written word. It therefore follows that all words have to be written correctly before they can be read correctly.

    Those of us who are considered "poor spellers” become conditioned to this.

    They avoid the use of more difficult, exciting and meaningful vocabulary because of the fear that they won’t be able to spell the words. Their writing suffers because of this.

    The spelling mistakes are always there to be seen by others.

    Good spelling is no accident. It has to be worked on.

    How, you might be asking yourself right now.......a good starting point would be to read (both aloud and to yourself) as much as you can, listen carefully to how words are pronounced, learn your basic sight words, use a dictionary and don’t rely on the spellchecker!

    At TIC Tuition in Campbelltown, we use a multi skilled approach to teaching Spelling.

    At TIC Tuition our tutors assess where each student is and use this information to help us correct the problem.

  • How You can help Your child to spell better.

    • Read widely at your Instructional Level.
    • Write regularly.
    • LCWC (Look, Cover, Write, Check)
    • Find more words with the same sounds (eg: red, bed, fed)
    • Use these words appropriately in sentences.
    • & More…
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