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  • At TIC Tuition we offer a range of payment options that works for you.

  • Payment by Cash, Direct Deposit, EFT and even Cheques!

  • Payment Options

    At TIC Tuition in Campbelltown, we understand the pressures on today’s family budgets.

    We provide a number of payment alternatives to parents of our students.

    Payments can be made by cash, direct deposit, EFT or even a cheque!

    You can pay the fees weekly, monthly or a term in advance. We will give you a discount if you pay in advance or more than 1 child from your family attends. We can even arrange for you to pay by installments.

    We will provide you with your payment options when your child attends their initial FREE Assessment.

    Why not call Paul & Jenny Carter on 9820 2935 to arrange your initial FREE Assessment now?

  • Cancellations

    At TIC Tuition, you are not committed to a set number of lessons - nor are you locked in to any extended term.

    It's simple, we require 2 weeks notice to cancel an enrolment.

  • Refunds

    At TIC Tuition, we have 3 payment types - Weekly, Month in Advance or Term in Advance.

    Obviously, refunds are not required for those who pay weekly - but you still must follow our Cancellations Policy.

    We will issue refunds for fees paid in advance (Monthly or Term), provided our Cancellations Policy is followed.

    Naturally, if there are extenuating circumstances, we may not enforce the 2 weeks notice - but this will only be done at our sole discretion.