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  • F) When School is Difficult…

  • Parents and children can have a rough time when school is not going well.

    For the child, experiencing repeated failure in class is distressing.

    Despite what children say about school and what they like, children know that the main purpose of school is to learn.

    When they are not learning well, the friendships, the sport and all the other activities at school cannot compensate for the frustration of not learning.

    As parents, you know there is little joy in dealing with a reluctant and unhappy child! Homework can be a battleground and the whole issue of school can be very emotional to all.

    When your child is experiencing difficulties with school work, it can be difficult to know how to help.

    From our experience, there are certain things that you should not do!

    1). Don't air complaints about the school in front of your child.

    2). Don't take your child's performance as a reflection of yourself. There can be many reasons why your child is not performing at their full potential.

    3). Don't lose your cool or show frustration when you try to help your child. The problem is often more deep-seated than the task at hand. It is important to contact the school. Go there yourself and meet with the teacher to discuss the problem. You need to work together on solving learning problems.

    Use your knowledge of your child to evaluate the options you must solve in order to assist the learning problem from becoming worse.

    Seek the most accurate information on just what the problem is - the earlier the better!

    You should also actively consider professional tuition.

    We can help.

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