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  • E) Confidence and Success.

  • It is often not lack of ability which prevents children from learning. It is frequently a child’s beliefs about learning that gets in the way.

    Paul Carter, from TIC Tuition in Campbelltown, says that even the brightest child can feel unable to cope with one or more subjects at school. "Remarkably often, some difficulty has led the child to picture himself or herself as a failure. It doesn’t matter how untrue this picture is. Just believing you can’t do something is enough to make you sure you can’t! When this happens, it is not surprising that their confidence evaporates.”

    On the positive side, when a student experiences success, confidence tends to grow. "At TIC Tuition, we often see students who need to break out of these negative beliefs. Once a child begins to experience success, we see confidence return. Each new success breeds a belief that further success is possible. Pretty soon we see a highly motivated confident young person where there was once a self-branded hopeless case!”

    Jenny Carter says that it is important to go back to where the difficulties first arose and to make sure these foundations are solid.

    "At TIC Tuition in Campbelltown, we provide an initial free educational assessment to determine difficulties. By working from where the child’s skills are secure, we can build the confidence of our students. Then the progress becomes remarkable!”

    If Paul & Jenny’s approach to succeeding in all areas of English and Mathematics appeals to you, why not call them at TIC Tuition in Campbelltown on 9820 2935 to see how we can help your child?

    Subjects we provide tutoring for are: English Tuition, Reading Tuition, Comprehension Tuition, Spelling Tuition, Writing Tuition, Mathematics Tuition and Senior Mathematics Tuition.


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