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  • D) Being Bright is No Guarantee of Success at School.

  • While some students just "sail” through school, they tend to be the exception rather than the rule.

    The problem is that lots of things - other than intelligence - can, and do prevent children from learning.

    Even the brightest child can experience problems if they feel they cannot cope with a subject, or school as a whole.

    Not surprisingly, this saps confidence and diminishes motivation.

    The combination of lack of confidence and poor motivation is probably responsible for more learning problems than you would expect!

    How would you feel?

    If your child is convinced that a particular subject is too hard for him or her, imagine the anxiety before and during a lesson!

    If you know, really know, that you are going to fail at something, there is a very strong probability that you will turn out to be right!

    If you weren’t convinced you were struggling before - you are now!

    On the positive side, when a student becomes motivated by success, confidence tends to grow.

    Confidence and motivation are extremely powerful learning aids.

    According to Paul & Jenny Carter, who run TIC Tuition in Campbelltown, children who lack confidence or motivation may just give up.

    Paul, who is a qualified school teacher, knows from experience.

    "At TIC Tuition we often see students who need to break out of the negative motivation-confidence cycle. When they experience success, we see them break this negative cycle and the real child comes out of their learning shell. That’s when they really blossom!”

    "Very often the improvement spills over into other subjects. I cannot tell you how important confidence and motivation are when it comes to learning - especially when a student has overcome a learning obstacle.”

    Good habits die hard too!

    Jenny Carter believes that a key to preventing problems and ensuring lasting academic success is to turn learning into a habit.

    "Whatever a child’s IQ, the earlier a student develops the habit of learning, the earlier they will succeed - and the earlier they will develop motivation and self-confidence. That’s an unbeatable combination at school, but it can also last up to and beyond university.”

    In summary, the earlier a student learns to learn - whatever their ability level - the better it is for them!

    At TIC Tuition in Campbelltown, we provide an initial free educational assessment. By working from where the child’s skills are secure, we can build the confidence of all our students – including those lucky ones who just sail through school!

    If Paul & Jenny’s approach in the key learning areas of English and Mathematics sounds like your own, why not give them a call on 9820 2935?

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